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Propane Tanks and Installation

Propane Tanks and Installation

Join the thousands of satisfied customers and become a new customer today! From tank installation to determining a delivery schedule that fits your needs, becoming a Dean's Bulk Service customer is easy!


Tank Lease

In your initial call to set up service, we will ask if you own an existing tank or if you need to lease one. If you don't currently have one, you can lease a tank with the necessary equipment.

Leasing a tank is easy

We will determine what size tank you need depending on your propane needs:

  • What type of propane appliances do you have in your home? What are your heating requirements? Are there any other factors that affect your propane usage?
  • You will sign a lease agreement based on the tank you are leasing from Dean's Bulk Service and what equipment.

Tank Placement

Our experienced employees know where tanks can and can't be placed. They'll find an ideal location to place a tank on your property.

Sales Contact

Our Service Area Includes
Northwestern Minnesota and lakes area deliveries.

  • MN | Karen Fankhanel | 800-548-2799




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