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Jobber Program

Jobber Program

Dean's Bulk Service has formed relationships with many companies in our territory to offer the best delivery options for a wide range of customers.

Dean’s Bulk Service supplies several Jobbers in our territory with a variety of petroleum products including; Chevron lubricants, washer fluid, solvent, methanol, diesel exhaust fluid and many more products.

If you are interested in becoming a Jobber,

Please give Jay Kleinjan a call at 701-238-4278

Sales Contact

Our Service Area Includes
Northwestern Minnesota, all of North Dakota, and the Eastern half of South Dakota.

  • Barnesville, MN | Wade Weets | 800 548-2799
  • Barnesville, MN | Jay Kleinjan | 701-238-4278
  • Barnesville, MN | Rich Buth | 800-548-2799
  • Barnesville, MN | Jeremy Bimberg | 701 318-8022
  • Bismarck, ND | Jeff Reiser | 701 220-2654
  • Bismarck, ND | Tom Pomonis | 701 318-9783
  • Brandon, SD | Mark Caauwe | 605 351-3675
  • Brandon, SD | John Geffre | 605 201-2140




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