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C-Stores--new changes are happening

What’s Happening at the DBS Barnesville and Sabin C-Stores:

                The Barnesville and Sabin C-Stores have changed to the ARCO Brand.

                What does that mean for you?
                ARCO is a brand of gasoline under the ownership of Marathon Petroleum. The gasoline and fuel sold at the C-stores will not change.  As part of this change, we have invested in new Gasoline Pumps, new Canopy Lights, and recently updated the Price Sign and Canopy to the ARCO brand.  We also just installed a new electronic message center at the Barnesville Station...  Same Great Service, Same Great Staff
– Thank you for your patronage.

Two Locations To Serve You

Barnesville C-Store
Located at the junction of Highway 9 & Highway 34 on the north end of Barnesville, MN, the Barnesville C-Store is a convenient stop on the way to the lake. Whether you're looking for snacks, drinks, fresh rolls, bait, or a clean restroom, you are able to find it all inside our clean, friendly facility. The Barnesville C-Store is proud to fly the Arco brand. The Barnesville location also has a car wash behind the dairy queen for your convenience!


Sabin C-Store
The Sabin C-Store is located on Highway 52 in Sabin, MN. The Sabin C-Store has all the convenience items you need and also flies the Arco Brand. Over the last couple years, we have remodeled this location... stop in and see the newly renovated and updated store.








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